Aqua Pump Kit


Sump pump system complete with a purpose made sump chamber.

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Sump and pumping system. Comes complete with a purpose made sump chamber, 240v sump pump, a non return valve with a remote alarm warning system and a screw down lid.
Everything you need to set up an alarm protected sump pump system for existing basements, cellars, new basements etc.
Easy to install, all you need to do is assemble and pipe the system (pipe not supplied but runs through standard waste pipe) to an outside drain or discharge point.

What if there is a power cut or other problem when you are not at home? You wont be able to hear the alarm buzzer, or see the warning light! For total peace of mind our text alert system will text you in the event of power cut, loss of power, pump failure or high chamber water level. A warning text can be sent to two numbers and alert you of a problem before its too late even if you are not at home! This product also sends a monthly text to confirm the system is working OK – for total peace of mind.
Ask about adding our text alert system to this or any other pump package.


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