Triton Trimol 40 Top Coat 1KG

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Trimol 40 Coat And Hardener 1KG Trimol

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Triton Trimol 40 Top Coat is a two pack water based epoxy coating for walls and floors. Providing a water and moisture resistant finish. Ideal when you don’t want the trouble, expense or disruption of replacing a damp concrete floor slab.
This is part one of a two-part process.
Simply mix the two pots, stir with a mechanical paint blender in your battery drill, then roller or brush apply over the damp concrete or brickwork. Now does that not beat breaking up the old slab, carting it to a skip, putting down DPM and concreting over the top?
Old slab not level, use our self leveler (listed below) to level the floor over the Trimol top coat to complete the job flat smooth and as good as new.


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