Tri-Cream : DPC Cream Box 10 x 1L Cartridge


Tri-Cream : DPC Cream Box 10 x 1L Cartridge Bulk offer

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Tri-Cream  : DPC Cream Box 10 x 1L Cartridge bulk offer
Tri-Cream is a unique silicone emulsion cream for injection into brickwork etc., for the control of rising dampness. Tri-Cream can be used in all types of masonry without the use of high-pressure equipment. The cream is delivered by hand pressure only from a simple displacement pump and injector lance into a series of holes drilled into the mortar course. From here it migrates rapidly into the masonry pores where the injection cream reverts to a liquid phase and polysiloxanes are formed in situ. During the curing period a low molecular-weight silane vapour is also produced giving excellent migration through the wall. Curing of the DPC starts immediately with the final cure taking 2-6 weeks depending on wall thickness. Extensive field experience with this technology demonstrates that Tri-Cream will perform as well as any conventional liquid injection system against rising damp. This is a Professional use product.


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