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Mursec Eco Digital Damp Course

Product Description

The Mursec Eco Digital Damp Course device is the cutting edge solution against rising damp. The new MURSEC ECO multi-frequency device with its SmartPolar® technology emits very low frequency pulses that have an effect on water molecules within the wall which changes their pole orientation. It inverts the polarity preventing the rise of damp from the ground.

The benefits of using the Mursec Eco to prevent Rising Damp

This is the same technology that is used to dry out historical buildings, such as the Sagrada Familia (Spain), and is now available at an affordable price to solve rising damp in domestic and commercial properties.

Special Features

  • Easy and quick to install.
  • Install without works.
  • Cutting Edge technology at an affordable price.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Fast Drying.
  • Each device is optimised to your specific property and building materials (brick, stone, concrete…).

Approved Contractors

This device is not available to the general public and is only available to businesses who are experts in the diagnosis of Rising Damp.

If you want to become an ‘Approved Contractor’ in the UK then please visit the Mursec Eco UK website.

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