Thor Helical Remedial CD Tie 205 (50 pack )

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DT-205-509MM X 205MM CD Tie ( Bags of 50 ties)

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Thor Helical CD Wall Tie

Remedial wall ties for rapid cavity wall tie replacement & brick pinning. Stainless steel helical wall ties are the choice of the professional for tying masonry walls.

Self tapping 9mm replacement cavity wall ties screw in to brick, masonry or concrete when hammered into pilot holes (circa 6mm) using the impact action of a hammer drill. The Thor Helical CD Tie grips within an interlocking helical undercut.

Helical brick ties are suitable for remedial use in all wall types without exerting expansive stress on the masonry. The unique driving configuration of the Thor Helical CD Tie delivers a fast, easy and reliable remedy for cavity tie failure.

Patented Helical Wall Ties with European CE Mark Approval
Tie lengths indicated are based on conventional cavity brick wall construction

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