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Sovereign SovDrain Membrane Corner Strip


Prouct Description

Sovereign SovDrain Corner Strip is a synthetic butyl/rubber based extruded strip sealant laminated with a PVC liner. It is primarily used for creating a seal over joints between SovDrain membranes, as part of the SovDrain waterproofing system.

Benefits and features

  • Roll Size: 1mm x 150mm x 20m
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Very High Tack
  • Remains Flexible
  • Very little waste and no mess
  • Dynamic Tensile Adhesion: 18N/cm²
  • Dynamic Shear Adhesion: 14N/cm²
  • 90° Peel Adhesion: 7N/cm
  • 180° Peel Adhesion: 11N/cm
  • Specific Gravity (sealant only): 1.6g/cm³
  • Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate: 0.24g/m²/24hr/mm
  • Service Temperature Range: -40°C to +90°C
Weight N/A

150mm x 20 meter

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