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BM6 Steel Angled Bower Beam Set

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Bower Beams are designed for the protection of timber joists or beams from wet walls which will eventually cause them to decay or succumb to fungal attack.

Bower beams come in pairs along with fixings.

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Steel Angled Bower Beam Set

Bower Beams are for replacing rotten joist ends and they protect any joist from being in direct contact with a wet wall, which would otherwise eventually succumb to fungal attack and decay (rot), diminishing the structural integrity of the timber.

Bower Beams are made from 3mm KHR steel and protected by a galvanised finish and provide a quick, cost efficient and long lasting solution by isolating the timber from the source of dampness.

Special Features

  • Bower Beams support joists cut back up to 250mm from the joist end which saves cutting out whole beams and allows you to repair rotten joists and only lift around 6 standard floorboards to install. Long lasting protection for timbers by maintaining a gap between the timber and the damp masonary.
  • Cost effective
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Made from 2mm KHR Steel
  • Galvanised finish
  • Can take the weight of heavy loads

Also available in different sizes – visit our Timber Repair Systems Page to see more options.

Weight 2.47 kg
Dimensions 60.0 × 10.0 × 0.3 cm
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