Triton Platon Sealing ropes 5m (2 rolls)

£19.00 excl. VAT

For joining and sealing cavity drain membranes. 2 x rolls size 5m x 10mm

Triton Platon Sealing ropes is a blue butyl rope which is used to seal a studded joint between all Platon membranes where they overlap.

It is also used to seal fixings in walls and for general use around services or stop ends.

It should be regarded as an excellent general purpose sealing and repair product.

Associated Products:

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Platon Plaster Plugs – for fixing meshed membrane to walls
Platon Tape – for sealing membrane joints
Platon Corner Strip – for sealing wall/floor joints or protrusions through the membrane
Platon Aqua Channel – for removal of water to evacuation points

Weight 1.88 kg


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