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Ebac 15 Dehumidifier With Infinity Humidistat

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Product Description

The Ebac 15 Dehumidifer is the most affordable, genuine Ebac dehumidifier you can buy with infinity humidistat controls.  This dehumdifier will help you get condensation under control by removing excess moisture from the air.

The Ebac 15 Dehumidifer can be used to dry laundry quickly and without damaging clothes.


  • Infinity humidistat control: Unlike other fixed humidistat controls the Ebac 15 has infinity control, offering the ability to set any humidity level you require.
  • Made for the UK: The Ebac 15, like all Ebac dehumidifiers, are designed and made specifically for the UK climate. Airflow, heat exchange and compressor technology ensure ideal performance in UK climate conditions.
  • Simple controls: Control the Ebac 15 with a super simple dial and on-off switch. No need for complex instructions and controls.
  • Hydrophilic coated coils: The Ebac 15 has hydrophilic coated coils on the heat exchanger to improve efficiency.
  • Suitable for 1 to 3 bedroom homes: Removes the optimal amount of water to stop and prevent damp and condensation problems.
  • Fully enclosed water container: Extra-large 3.5 litre water container that’s fully enclosed to prevent spillage. Ease to hold and empty.
  • Changeable filters: Carbon and antibacterial filters help clean the air as we reduce moisture.
  • Slim profile: The slim profile fits against any wall or location in your home.
  • Self contained water container: Integrated inside the dehumidifier, the water container is easily removed and emptied.
  • Laundry drying: The Ebac 15 can be used to dry laundry quickly and without damaging clothes. Use a drying tent to further speed up drying.
  • Powerful air flow: The unique airflow system sucks in moisture air and traps it, releasing warm dry air into your home.
  • Permanent drain*: A hose can be connected that bypasses the collection container and allows you to drain water outside or down a drain. *Pipe is not included.
  • Auto shut off: Automatically shuts off when the water container is full.
  • Integrated carry handles: Move the Ebac 15 around easily with the integrated handles.
  • Cable tidy: Neatly and safely wrap the power cable on the integrated cable tidy.

Weight 13.0 kg
Dimensions 26.5 × 34.0 × 54.0 cm
Ebac 15 Dehumidifier detailed specifications
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