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Vent-Axia PIV – Lo-Carbon Pozidry Compact Pro With Heater – 479188

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Read our FAQ on Positive Input Ventilation Units (PIV).

Product Description

The Vent-Axia Piv – Lo-Carbon Pozidry Compact Pro With Heater – 479188 is a Positive Input Ventilation System (PIV) for those properties that do not have a loft. It is easy to install and the unit has been designed to be as small as possible with multiple inlet and outlet positions allowing it to be installed in the best place every time.

  • The PoziDry Compact Pro is the smallest on the market, meaning you can always find space for it even in the smallest of apartments.
  • The foam back plate is less than 100g meaning there is no longer a need to lift a heavy metal box above head height to mark drilling holes.
  • With 2 inlet and 2 outlet positions, the PoziDry Compact Pro can be installed in 16 orientations, giving you the ultimate installation flexibility.
  • Ultra small unit can fit in the smallest of spaces
  • Removable inner cartridge for easy repairs and maintenance
  • Flow rates adjustable in 1 L/s increments, up to 30 L/s
  • Extremely low energy consumption
  • Washable, high capacity G4 or F7 filter
  • Advanced data logger and 3 digit settings lock for peace of mind
  • 7 Year warranty
  • Ideal solution for flats with mould in a habitable room
  • BBA Approved 

How the Positive Input Ventilation System (PIV) works

Air is drawn into the Positive Input Ventilation System (PIV) via an external inlet and through a short length of duct. The specially developed power pack cartridge assembly draws the air through an integral, high capacity, washable filter. The precision engineered scroll/impeller assembly and anti-vibration EPP body guarantees ultra low sound levels and increased energy efficiency.

The fresh, filtered airflow passes along the ducting and enters the room through a discreet grille. The rotatable integrated grille can be turned to one of 8 positions ensuring that the airflow is always directed upwards, reducing cold draughts.

The Positive Input Ventilation System (PIV) provides fresh, tempered air into the home and creates an indoor environment where the damaging effects of condensation find it hard to exist, benefiting both the occupants and the structure of the building.

Positive Input Ventilation Units (PIV) improve indoor air quality and quickly eradicates conditions that lead to mould growth, reducing the risk of health issues in the home.


If the ambient temperature exceeds 27°C, the Lo-Carbon PoziDry Compact Pro will automatically switch off to prevent over-heating. This temperature threshold can be adjusted at installation. In the case of the integral 300W heater version, the heater element is automatically activated when necessary and tempers the supply air to a chosen temperature.

Peace of Mind

SmartSenseTM technology records usage, energy consumption and filter life to ensure the unit has been used as intended. This is secured by an installer enabled 3 digit settings lock to make the PoziDry Compact Pro tamper free.


Weight 7.0 kg
Dimensions 50.0 × 21.0 × 21.0 cm
PoziDry Compact Pro Positive Input Ventilation Unit Installation and Wiring Instructions
Lo-Carbon PoziDry Compact Pro Home Owner Ventilation System Guide
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