Eco-Dryaire Fixed Vent Kit

£16.16 excl. VAT

Single room passive ventilation with filtered air – no power needed

Eco-Dryaire Fixed Vent Kit – These are single room circular passive ventilators. They need no electricity, allowing fresh dry air in and stale humid air and moisture out. The units come with an environmental filter which fits in the external housing to reduce drafts and filter the incomming air. The unit has a telescopic tube system which can adjust for walls up to approx 375mm thick
Simply core drill a hole through the wall and fit the unit in place. (Core drills available in Tools & Equipment section).
We sell lots of these to landlords who tell us they fit them behind radiators which stops tenants covering or blocking them up!
We also sell them with the Nuaire units for use as an exhaust vent
When installing the unit the internal louvre points upwards and the external louvre fitted with the filter points downwards.
External grille can be supplied white or brown – please specify at time of ordering.
An additional extension tube is available seperately and can increase vent length up to 2 metres.

Weight 1 kg


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