Platon PB2 Cavity Drain Membrane 1m x 20m

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PB2 Mesh membrane on 1m x 20mroll for dot’n’Dab of plasterbards or direct plastering.

Platon PB2 Cavity Drain Membrane 1m x 20m

Roll of 2mm thick mesh backed membrane This is a 20 square metre roll being 1m high by 20m long.
This membrane can be used as a slimline damp barrier for above ground damp proofing work. You can either dot’n’dab plasterboards directly onto the membrane or or plaster directly over it with Bonding or hardwall plaster.. The membrane is a permanent barrier to moisture and a thermal break to prevent damp penetration and mould.
Platon PB2 Mesh Membrane is manufactured from polypropylene. It is impermeable and resistant to moisture and all the usual construction chemicals. Studs are formed in a regular pattern on the one face of the product, and a polypropylene mesh on the other side. The studs are spaced at approx. 25mm centres in both directions.

Product Weight: 10kg


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