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Vent Axia Tool BoxTalk & Q&A Breakfast Session

Vent Axia Tool BoxTalk & Q&A Breakfast Session

Listen up!

For everyone who installs PIV units we have a great opportunity coming up next Friday morning (7th Feb) here at the Preservation Shop – we have arranged for the Vent-Axia Rep to hold a toolbox talk followed by a Q&A breakfast session where you can have a bacon butty and coffee whilst you mingle and he can answer all of your questions with a 5% discount on the day! I have put together a sales masterclass info sheet on how to promote and sell these units, we hold the units in stock and can help arrange installation too if you need it. You could be turning away around £300 for every installed unit and you don’t even need to pick up your tools – Come along we will show you how!

For all of you who do not supply PIV units (they stop black mould) we are utterly baffled as to why not? These units work extremely well and of the thousands we have sold we have not had one customer come back and say they don’t work.

There is great scope for profit in selling and or supplying and fitting these units and if you are a damp proofing company you will be doing your clients a great service eradicating their mould problems!

This could be your opportunity to add a lucrative sales line to your offerings, at the very least you will get a free breakfast so why not pop along anyway.

See you here in the training room (behind the trade counter) Between 10:00 – 12:00 on Friday 7th Feb. The toolbox talk starts at 10:00 (but you can just pop in anywhere between 10 – 11:30 am if that is not convenient).

Look forward to seeing you


Mike Davison

Mike Davison CSSW, M.Inst.SSE

Managing Director

Mike Davison - Managing Director of the Preservation Shop

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