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Damp concrete floor / Cracked Concrete Floor

Damp concrete floors – fix them the easy way

So you have a damp concrete floor from Victorian times, or a perfectly good garage floor with no DPM (damp proof membrane) installed. You don’t fancy breaking it up carting it away or relaying it.

Good news, now you don’t have to replace the concrete floor, you can repair the concrete floor and leave it like a new concrete floor finish, flat and dry.

Our product EP40 is a two-pack liquid resin membrane which is an easy to apply retro-fit damp proof membrane system.

Quick and simple.

  1. Clean surface of floor
  2. Repair cracks/seal edges with repair mortar
  3. Apply EP40 liquid membrane with brush/roller
  4. If floor is uneven –
  5. Apply eco-gripgrit to wet EP40
  6. Pour self-leveller over the top of EP40 when dry

Job done – only a day’s work for one man on an average floor (up to 20m2) and a lot less hassle and at a fraction of the cost.

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Mike Davison - Managing Director of the Preservation Shop

Article by Mike Davison CSSW, M.Inst.SSE.

Mike has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry & specialises in Building Pathology, remedial works & structural repair.

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